Oh! Thou

Oh thou,  help me to come to terms with reality

and leave my fears,

teach me to let me lay with my conscience clear.

I constantly think of negotiating my karma,

and re-framing my answers for the thou eternal judgment.

Have I been captured at every step?

How well have i scored?

My disbelief  grows daily,

which unnerves me,

it could be a sin.

Awaken me now and help me to overcome my fears

before i fret and regret pleading yet again

and was never heard all along…



6 thoughts on “Oh! Thou

  1. Fayaz, thanks for finally posting the comment and the notification about posting it on facebook 🙂 I second your thoughts, however i don’t see myself in complete disbelief i guess God lays situations which tests faith or it’s level .. but the reaction at that time is all ours and thats when we make our choices (temporary / permanent). I wouldn’t compare it to ‘kids’ as they would still be clearer on their yes and no’s. There psychology is innocent at that stage, while they’re being taught.
    And Oh! thou – does mean Oh! You.

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