Are you living?

Think Rich Look Poor

“Feel rich, live rich”  is what I would re-word it as.

Unless you feel you’re worthy of all you’ve earned how will you live it up?

Gone are the days, where the people would appear to be down-to-earth in order to be recognized.  In the fast moving today, if you go there, be that,  you are a part of it.  Sitting put and portraying a simpleton is certainly not the order of the day.

With the Global crunch or meltdown would be the word if I want to be more dramatic.  People’s thoughts and suggestions have changed from “living it up”, “life is short – make the most of it”  –  to  – ” hold on to what you have”, “think before you spend”, “every penny counts” … what then? Live with the stress as your companion? Or in hope money will shower in your bank account seeing your down-to-earth portrayal?

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lenin

A friend of mine recently said to me;  ” You don’t stop going on the road, because they’re accidents “, correct! The swine flu’s flashing globally, yet people are breathing the same air, traveling, being social… they’re doing it all with a little precaution.  Why are you still sitting back and feeling impoverished?  When you have the means of living as there were no tomorrow, why lead an envious today? I’d say, go out, explore, look for opportunities.  There is something for you.  Look for it.


2 thoughts on “Are you living?

  1. “Think rich, live poor”
    I think in other words what he means is to have a simple living and a high thinking.
    And oh HOW I agree.

    On the contrary, I like what you have to say.

  2. Yeah, I know what Andy’s saying, I’m exceptionally inspired by his photography. However, I’m trying to promote – Positive affirmation and living! More like i keep affirming this to myself daily for a healthier – mind, body and soul!

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