A Robotic Me

Have a recurring alarm set on my w.910i  red Sony Ericsson, I make sure the alarm tone isn’t too alarming, it’s normally a song which is prime on my hit list.

Think of what to wear,  shower, order my breakfast and lunch that I need to carry along. Match my hand bag according to what I’m wearing, which is usually a contrast!

Eat a quick breaker cause I panic of bein

g late… I prefer going to work early in order to get back early to devote time to myself. Something I’ve done ever since childhood. I’ve loved to dream and think endlessly without having anyone interrupt my chain of events and thoughts.

Quickly I paint some color on my face, a true make-up for the tired eyes! Zip through the gate and a 20 minutes ride to work, considering early morning traffic has everyone rushing to their workplaces and so there is chaos.


Wow time whisks by and I find myself in a  55-65 minutes drive back home with the a cars glued to each other. I’ve learnt to be observant on the drive back and forth and understand the lives and lifestyles others’ lead.

I get to my bed and all i want to do is get in tune with my theta state and be there…  not being a long sleeper, it fails me and i rush in for my second shower after the day I grab a fruits platter and surf through channels or log on to sidereel to stream my favorite tv shows which don’t air here.. Catch a glimpse of that and feel as though I’ve hit wonderland. If my tiny appetite has place for more i eat and then wander from room to room and Sleep…

Wake up with my recurring alarm and start a precisely called brand new day!

Yet I feel I am doing something substantial and worthwhile for myself and have a positive week ahead of me where I find motivation to when  I am appreciated..
with much more to learn in grounds where i fumble.
There’s a lot more people pack up in their 24 hrs and I still don’t see where and how they do. I know I need to stretch before i become a nervous wreck … I ought to find the motivation soon and be there  doing ALL that!


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