Enough: Love & Fresh Air?


Love and fresh air being enough… is what people want it to be.  There is a  want to indulge in simple living with the ground essentials;  Love and Fresh Air.


Love is gone – David Guetta sings and people love the song for the reasons they wholely souly comply to the lyrics.


True Love is in the stories we positivity affirm while putting children off to sleep for them to know such a feeling exists. Finding true love,  is the task we never warn them about.

Andy - Love

Fresh air what we want to find while we have people breathing down our throats.. we want to move away to be able to inhale the freedom and freshness that doesn’t prevail.


Caged in the thoughts we forget how to fly.  When we get the love, we forget how to adorn  it.

When we are in the love breathing fresh air there’s a sense of suffocating commitment and when we have it blown away from us is what dawns on us how to cherish it.


One thought on “Enough: Love & Fresh Air?

  1. Love is not an emotion – it is a non-judgmental flow of energy.

    Hey Gal,
    Fill yourself with energy first .. lets talk about love later.

    Your Mom!

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