Out Of The Closet

The much hushed about topic of thought and not openly discussed was homosexuality. In yester years people would rather wear blinders than see reality for what it was.

“He’s not interested in women, is he … oh my god! No cannot be he’s so innocent”

Whattt? and since when did innocence get muddled with the option of liking, doing and living? Options are given when they’re accepted.  A choice however is made when desired.

Indian court legalizing homosexual marriages.. took the country and youth by surprise, the population should see the positives of knowing it would balance the over-populated country ours is.

some are under the opinion which is described as “unnatural”. How natural is it to hamper ones freedom?

“We are against calling homosexuality a criminal activity, but we are certainly in principle against legalizing it, because that would mean the state endorsing same-sex relationships,” said Babu Joseph, spokesman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. Homosexuality “violates fundamental norms of a family,” he said.

– I’d comment:  A reaction like this the midst of 2009 is appalling in a developing country. There are talks about advancement and progression at every stage, India as a country is mimicking the patterns of the ‘Wild Wild West’. Then why is being gay such a sour point or looked at as a shame?

About time it was seen as a way of life and an individual preference rather than it being a social disaster or a social disappointment.


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