Haves and Have Nots

Whats the guilt you’re dealing with, having to much? not having? having and having not .. what you  really admire and desire?

Marx kept beating his drum about the society then and how to ‘class’ify it. The scenario remains ditto till date. We have the haves  and the have nots residing in the same plinth and yet there’s no progression or sigh of relief for them (the ones who need the progression).Wisdom i say is for the wise, what are the 3 wise men doing gallivanting the globe and following the star when its not directing them towards making a strong move and implementing change?

Where is the promised? What are we to expect? Where would it be found? It’s said – Ask questions …  and who really answers them is the question I ask?

Change ~ the overly said word is hovering all over the place and not merely close to the ones who it should be striking.  It’s been the word of 2008-2009 ought to have benefited the millions globally,  supposed to have done justice to its meaning which is unseen, unheard and undone!


Society divided in classes .. was it?

Classes in society .. worth it?


Classless Society .. will it ever be?

Society with class .. who’s for it?



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