Me the XXII

And so i celebrated my 22nd this 22nd. Yea! Marked quite a day in geographical history with it being the day of the longest and last solar eclipse for the next 123 years.

Re-lived the memories of my childhood, growing up years and changing in to girlie dresses with matching accessories, pre-boarding days, boarding school days,   then the times i used to thanks my stars for celebrating my birthday during my summer holidays. One of my many fears is, running out of recollection. I’ve always wanted to pen down and capture every moment to its detailed best. Was never able to maintain a diary, was vary of the pry-ers. Perhaps that’s the reason I started to write here.

Around 7 years ago, growing older seemed thrilling for it was closer to getting a license, being able to stretch dead-lines, meant wearing lesser make up to look older, being in the non-kido loop. Seemed as though life was only getting better as the number of candles increased on the birthday cake.

A recurring thought is would turning older bring me closer to wrinkles, dentures, crow feet, aches and pains, joint troubles, urge for botox and so on so forth. Seeing the beauty behind actually living a life that I’ve been given and realizing that all though I was being  only being cowardly, about the loopholes I would fall into and not look at the brighter side of living it all.

This 22nd was a silent conversation I had with myself and spent the day and time (in-person and in-conversation), with people I love and the ones who really mean a lot. The unconditional love conveyed to me a deeper meaning and insight to life and what I am to now foresee and live.

So I raise a toast to a Finer, Fitter and Fabulous ME !!!!



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