What did I/YOU miss?


How are you all doing?  Sorry been MIA for quite some time now.  Been sharing quick thoughts on Twitter and Tumblr.

Had a good weekend (sunday-monday) where I chilled watching episodes of SATC, just enough to get motivated – to put some make up on and be out and about.
Other than that, I found some hidden treasure (well I call it hidden, as it’s not visible in the mess my room is in ), back to the topic… what I found was notes of college.. where most of it was doodles. How I loved doodling.. and now.. when i feel the need to doodle is when I use wordpress/tumblr. Talk about living in 2009. yeah! I know. anyway.. I’m going too soon share the quotes i’d written back then as a part of my doodles.

Hope you all caught the first episode of  GG3 last monday and the premier of TBL on wednesday, if not please do catch up with me.. in the near future I may be giving my reviews on them. Then came the Emmy’s (I missed) so you could fill me in. Caught some reviews on twitter from the E!News twitterers. Oh! Just last night I was watching this Indianized version of Fear Factor and for the first time ever I felt pity for the slimy slithery creature and not the person attempting the stunt. What goes to the animals who need to survive the stunt? Yea, I think thats my next role – an animal activist.

Update me what I missed now.
More later. ta da


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