Forget to Forgive

“Forgive and Forget”

The liner said and heard dime a dozen times, appliers however are perhaps the blessed, one in a million.

To make it easy to relate with, the definitions of the two are:


– to give up resentment of or claim to requital for

– to cease to feel resentment against

– to grant relief from


– to lose the remembrance of

– be unable to think of or recall

– overlook


Any help?

Though if I tell you to forgive and forget some situation, person right now.

You’d first think of the one you regret the most and curse it and resent the situation or knowing the person.  Feel the anger you felt during the situation or maybe the joy or the other emotions you felt then and the repercussions or feelings you feel towards that now.  Let me tell you – It’s human to feel so, anyone and everyone does, and would.

These two words are okay one at a time, but fall heavy when they’re a combination. I tried it this morning and it came easy, i was shocked as it was a sudden occurance of the two. “forgive and forget, rather more like a forgive to forget” actually..

and its got my mind ticking, on how as soon as i saw daylight thats the first thing i said to myself this morning. Freshness prevails ever since. Now you pick




Forgive and Forget

Forget and Forgive

Forgive to Forget

Forget to Forgive


Life gives us opportunities, choices, issues, paths, tests, problems, grades, explanations, results, solutions, negotiations and more

We however choose and  make our decisions.


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