movies and us

On Saturday night  I started my movie marathon with The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, and enjoyed it.. maybe because Black Lively has  a role to play and she’s a Gossip Girl character. But she played her well and was nice to see her playing the nervous and confused and then the wild child, a transformed role from the sporty her in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. A peeker into what all people go through in live and sleepwalk to the end to know there’s always a turn.


I then loaded, The Sister’s Keeper – What a soul-touching movie!!  I don’t think a movie has ever got me sobbing so much, not because it was an intense movie but because the emotions and feelings were so relate-able.

I went into deep though and slept those heavy emotions off. What the families of patients go through apart from the patient itself. They’re nearly co-dependent patients in the bargain.

Brooding those thoughts, pain, anxiety and anger with reoccurring questions on the threshold of life and death must be exceptionally painful. And yet how every little passerby thought, action or glimpse becomes a memory is gorgeously portrayed. I would suggest that everyone must watch this movie to actually have gratitude and appreciation for the live they’re leading and thank the Creator for all the blessings each one on this planet is living with. As there are people out there, who want to live and have time against their will.

I learnt the fault of having so much and yet wanting more in greed, having a basket full and yet seeing space for more.. is not live and is not what we’re here for. We’re here to live and materialism is not living. It’s just a cerry on the icing, weather we’re greedy or don’t have a flavor for cherries is entirely a personal choice.


I Hate Valentines Day was the one I sat down to watch on Sunday morning as I loved the tittle and agreed to it a 200%! It was light hearted, about two confused love birds who refused to confess or make an attempt because of their stingy ego wars.

That’s the ball game of love I guess, it starts with attitude, leads to a confessions and then the ego wars take over the to-be relationship.


The forth being ‘Afterwords’ .. how a workaholic gets enchanted with a doctor who comes to warn him about a death as he claims he can see it when people are going to pass over, he explains death as something that no one has control over as it’s inevitable but being cautioned about death is hard to deal with.


I ended the marathon watching, My Life in Ruins – I laughed at the same knowing how everyone would probably react the same way to the title. And how we love to victimize ourselves with these self-wallowed liners.  Well when you look at the ruins and decide to give them a re-vamp or another chance to re-structure themselves you’d know it’s a new beginning.



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