Love You (?)


How are you?

The BIG words,  the words that could move a person to shock or surprise, the words that could sweep one of their feet, are redundant.

Well the dictionary still prints the same…  but the use of those words are used so freely that the essence and meaning is merely lost.

Has “I’ll see you around” been replaced by “love you” ?

or is ‘Love’ the new ‘Hope’?

What’s the difference? Where’s the feeling? The essence? The feeling of oh my god,  he said… or thats how the person feels about me?

It’s only the other day when I heard that clear, I fell in a state of confusion, whether it was a casual ‘love you’ or a ‘love.. love… love you’.  I still don’t know the depth of the situation or whether the intensity still remains?

Love you (?)



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