Ask and it’s There

I  find my answers when I question. Does everyone too? My writings would always have questions more than explanations or answers to them but in the bargain, I find what I’m looking for within.

Why are we surprised on receiving something we’ve always looked or prayed for?  I’d tell you of a funny instance, I’ve been having encounters with mice and the luck of always finding them when I actually and reading a newspaper and suddenly look from the corner of my eye to the corner of the door and when I see it running across I jump out of my skin. then the drama of ” omg!! mouse mouse!! why why why do I always have to see it? Please.. get it out someone ” Yea, naturally if I were looking for it, I’d put my affirm (unconsciously of course for it to be there.. well I guess I even have an unconscious ego , which wouldn’t want me to be upset on not seeing it) and whooop there it is!!

Being in the dramatic age makes me want to also talk about the things we often begin to ask for, the perfect person who’d make me feel good about life, make me loved, pamper me, call me umpteen times to check on how my day’s going, must have a good sense of humor to keep me beeming, have a wonderful choice of works to say to me to make my day and when the person’s there maybe not showing all the points on our want list but as a start a few, we still pass the person by saying..  “Oh no, I actually haven’t yet found my type or the one I’m looking out for yet”.

“That’s the option we’re given and the choice we make” – Vivani Khurana

When the platter is huge and the quantity only enough to feed our bite sized apatite we still look at the platter with space for more..


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