Papyrus Reinvented

There comes a time where we go back to our roots. Absolutely!!  the recent project I am involved with at work made me grab some sheets of paper and sketch. Aaah and the joy of being able to do so! I actually was happy to know i still have a handwriting.

Gees so much for being complimented on the typing speed and being geeked.

By habit, I’ve taken to ignoring my chain of thought as I dont have portable blogging convenience. Lesser did it strike me to carry a dairy with me to where I could start penning them on.

Makes me recall the time I was in school and it became a compulsion for us to write letters home, since there was an over-use of dialing and calling home instead of licking our stamps and sealing the envelopes. I remember being a proud writer.  I could pompously write in sans serif, serif and calligraphy; only to realize I can select from a huge list of fonts to type in.


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