A 365 days <<Rewind

I figure, its  a done thing to reflect on the year once you’re at the fag end of December. So here I go replaying the last 365.

Short of sounding regular, it’s surely whisked by and how I say that is because I remember sitting in my closet wondering what to wear for the new years eve event.  Well well its the case even right now, I’m mentally going over my wardrobe thinking of how to warmly and wisely clad myself for the ‘OO:OO 2009-2010’

Back to writing on the 2009 replay:

Yea so I completed a year in the corporate world – whooop! Yup : ) feels great saying that..  its been a fabulous learning curve and I’m proud of myself.

Socially, been pretty much under the radar and aloof to the new lively places Delhi has to offer.

and as you must have already noticed I have been very active on the world wide web with my thoughts and one lines.. twitter has a lot of me daily and yeah, both my blogs ..  hmm..  occasionally.

E!  Music this year, has been just amazing, with the BlackEyedPeas’ comeback – Boom Boom!! The MGMT, Santogold, Lady GaGa, Pitbull, Akon, John Mayer! see, we’ve been listening to some good stuff..

The year did have some fabulous season’s (feel the pun – tvshows) yea Gossip Girl season 3. wow.. its still got everyone glued even though it’s climbing the ladder with the curiosity level. I wouldn’t know how many of you watched this show by Ashton Kutcher – the beautiful life.. ? no it dint run a season, there were just a few episodes aired and its low view rating failed it to air any further.. however just recently i got an update saying its  been released on the net. Californication got me wiser to understanding male brain… yup, I will be writing on that topic soon too. Had my share of weekend movie marathons with my favorite this year being; The Hangover!! nothing to beat the humor the story and the filming! Not to miss the twilight saga -new moon, had the vampires in vogue all year round.

We lost Brittany Murphy who was really a bright spark on the Hollywood screen and MJ of whom I was never a fan but respected his contribution to pop.

An attempt, the Climate change summit in Copenhagen was seen as an act of hope, change and awareness.

2009’s been smooth and precisely what I wanted from it.. a routined year and it was. Did this post of mine set you recalling the last 12 moths? well well that’s what was intended : )

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and hit the dance floor to Pitbull- Hotel Room Service !!


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