Conscious and Aware

While I had you all thinking and recalling your well spent 365 days, I’d like you to devote sometime and thought to what you’re planning for 2010. We all do plan our future (now whether we do that five minutes or 5 days before isn’t the question right now).

Yeah, so how are WE making a difference this year?

#1. by being aware of the news playing around us.

#2. recycling, we all join GO GREEN  and ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY groups on facebook etc and never go back to the page ever.. but yes.. lets start somewhere.. or from the basic like.. umm, recycling the gift/paper bags or wrappings we get.

#3. conserve, i’m not saying deny yourself the worldly or this century’s pleasures and comforts. i’m saying be conscious – sitting in the car waiting for someone… your co-pilot .. turn it off!!! brushing your teeth and leaving the water running doesn’t make you generous; be wise and take control.

#4. wasting the order, we all love pampering our taste buds and on the same worry about calorie charts.. don’t over order or take a helping that doesn’t help you! Please do think of the meal you can share with someone who hasn’t had a meal in days.

#5. when you leave your room, please switch off the electronic gadgets. The conservation of resources you make today can be availed by your children and your children’s children.

.. so we have a deal? to adhere to the above mentioned till we have more to add on.

yup.. lets seal the seal.

Have a Fabulous and Glamorous set of 365 days of 2010.


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