Spiritual Avatar-ing

Watching Avatar on 3D, was phenomenon. Initially, I dint think I’d be impressed or even inclined to see it as it’s all the 3d animated sort of movie.. yeah! not so me.

Though I’m really glad to the ratings and the woo’ing all over headlines that really made me want to see what was taken the generations by storm and what caused ticket unavailability.

During the movie, I  had two unique thoughts. Now why I say unique is because I haven’t heard anyone who’s seen the movie talk of that.

Ok my first being, I wanted an Avatar Blue Satchel, yeah! my appetite for unusual colored bags doesn’t leave me.

The second being, the spiritual side of the movie; books, talks and techniques of alternate therapy and how affirmations and the source works.. there was a deep rooted aspect in there, for those of you who’re aware of Theta Healing would probably see the familiarity too..

The sense of touch, being necessary to form a bond and transfer information. Connecting with the source for the gush of energy and commanding things to happen as you visualize them to.

* To know more about Theta Healing please visit:  http://www.thetahealing.com


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