Come summer and we’re sipping!

Begining with basic water, goodness how i just couldn’t get myself to sipping something as plain as water i’ve graduated to drinking a ltr plus other fluids in 24 hours. With keeping a basic motive to flush away the unwanted toxins, so it does help to keep motives.

I’d like to share an interesting fact of water with you, if you’re uncertain of the water intake for yourself, divide your weight (in kilograms) by 30 (so if you weigh 50 kilos your water intake must be 1.6 litres).

Flavor your water with some mint leaves(leave overnight), or add some lemon or lime slices, i just read another unique one – add cucumber slices.. don’t see much flavoring coming through with that but you could give it a try.

Room temperature water is said to be much healthier than cold water, as your body needs to work twice the amount to bring the cold water down to the normal-body temperature. However don’t deny yourselves the few ice cubes that you may relish in your other drinks.

Happy wattering!


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