Much the enthusiast

I clicked, to log on to my wordpress account, after the inspiration from reading several other blogs… and I could not recollect my username! Yes, it has been a while since I’ve contributed on my blog.  Shameful! The day I started I thought I would update it regularly and ensure it was one of the most viewed blogs on wordpress. That excitement din’t last to long as noticed. Let me begin with how I began this blog.

Being the dot of the big question mark, I didn’t know where to go right after my graduation, which was 3 years of doing a Bsc. Management in New Delhi. I was offered through my mother’s friend, if I was keen to experiment areas information technology. I agreed, thinking I am pretty web friendly and would learn a whole lot of designing and dip my hands into buckets full of creativity. I went in for an interview and experinmented for a month. It was interesting and I wanted to know more and learn more in the field and was hired as a management trainee. And that’s where I actually began my blog… I would watch others’ there constantly “blogging” and “updating” and picked up the flair of voicing out on the world wide web from there and from them. Hesitant to share my blog link at first, of course dint want any one pin pointing grammatical errors and sentence formation et cetera. Then the thought of other’s knowing my thoughts.. phew! I was there for a year, where I coded, learnt, observed the “professional functioning of a professional platform” it did come easy to me and it was an incredible learning process. Before I knew, I was bitten by the geek bug and cracking codes for various programmes. Thrilling as it should have been since my mentors were proud and so was i deep within, I knew it wasn’t me. I dint wan to <code> </uncode> even though I knew I was getting better.

Beyond the motivation and encouragement I couldn’t see myself making IT – my career. One day while I sat on my bright orange rotatable chair, following my daily schedule of documenting a manual I got a call from one my bestest friends. She was at that time interning for a bank where she heard the HR asking if she had someone interested in a front desk position for the GK branch (the locality in ‘South’Delhi) being a GK resident I quickly fixed up an interview.

Well, if you know me, you’d know I am NUMBER PHOBIC. But yet I’ve dreamt of earning all the moolah through a bank job. I excelled in the first round and the second and the third. However, they needed someone instantly and I still hadn’t completed a year in my first professional nest which I wanted to, I had about 10 days left. I chose to wait and let go of that opportunity resign from my desk and take up something else. I was told I was being foolish by giving up a job, which i did surprisingly well at and then not having a “plan B”. The suggested approach was to have something in hand before taking a leap, not leaving a space in my resume where there could arise a -“what were you doing, during that period”? My answer to that being; if I dint let to go then, I wouldn’t ever have…


2 thoughts on “Much the enthusiast

  1. Good to have my inspiration back on the world wide web!Believe it or not…yours was one of the first blogs i read before i started blogging. It made me want to blog! 😀 x

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