Sunday without sunshine

GoodAfternoon EveryBody,

Happy New Year! Have you all started keeping up with the resolutions for this year? Well, I actually remember jotting them down here and then, don’t recall saving the post. Erm, not the perfect way to adhere.. right?
I got back from Singapore on the 4th morning, a fabulous ten day vacation and being away from the city, its people and routine! Went to Universal Studio on a Saturday, it was a sheer miracle how we got in… considering it was prime holiday season, a weekend and advance bookings made. And we’d just woken up one morning and decided to skip the mall and go there instead. I had a blast, so did my 12 year younger sibling.. Which is what made the trip worth it. To see her gurgle through the rides, poses, map reading, way finding etc. We there on divided our days – more like the weather did. It would pour along with lunch and our plans would change.
Shopping in Singapore, wasn’t as promising, bought certain basics and thats about it. Even gift shopping was tedious. Thats when it dawned on me, that perhaps with a few international stores coming to your city… you’re assured with a decent wardrobe and don’t hoard on foreign travel, like in yester years where it was a dream to be and shop in the malls for seasons to come.
Landed to 4 degrees. brrr! I know, I have my ribs shivering even now. The first sunday on arrival and there aint no sunshine. I’m sitting huddled in front of the nano heater and have a multicoloured fleece throw on me and i’m exploring the creative parameters of my macbook. Something I never saw coming, knowing my hectic schedule. Well, I guess there comes a time… where you find your room so peaceful and all you want to do is chirp in your little comfortable nest.

About my resolutions:
1. Incorporate exercise into my routine: i’ve never allowed my lazy bones to struggle through toughness, but when I wore shorts on the beach.. wow! there was a thunder in the thighs that I had to goodbye to asap. (well, as soon as the weather supports me too)

2. Green tea to replace coke: the sting in the last sip of a cuppa green tea would never drive me to placing an order for it. I sipped my first cuppa of the year before I sat writing. thumbs up!!

3. Emotional luggage: I’ve always been a victim of overthinking and overanalyzing. so much so, that I cook and sauté the scenario till I left it to set. Really? Dramatic as that sounds, yes! a habit I certainly need to give up.

4. Trendsetter not follower: in my growing days while I would pack for Sanawar, I was always instructed to pack in the latest and be a trendsetter and not follower by my aunt. But, no! I would rather be in my comfort zone of being casually turned out in jeans and a loose tee. Call it age or being defiant I never understood the logic of drifting from the flow. Now now, I shall begin to speak the same lingo.

Thats for now. I have my fingers freezing and finding a way to want to thaw themselves. Im going to catch you soon.


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