I got conned.

In my defense, I hadn’t slept in 14 days, was dazed out of my wits. Had just closed the March issue at work, yea! now you know what I was going through. Then we all went to the Neemrana fort for a night – phew! treading my thighs all evening and morning. Finally back to my purpleden I realized the weekend was here, the weekend I needed grooming, then ran to get my hair cut and styled. Now, there are these two stylists – Harry and Shanti in Delhi who trained under Sylvie. Later they got together and opened their salons all over South Delhi. After a year or so, they separated and changed their salon’s names too – Hair and Shanti, the other Harry and Sonia. After going through several boring hair cuts and wanting to experiment with my hair do, someone suggested Shanti’s saying she’s amazing. Sure thing! She was quick and gave your hair some style. Exactly what I was looking for. I was familiar with the South Extension branch, in the basement had been there twice, there on she moved two houses away to the first floor where I’d gone the previous time. Now, I was a little dazed, and tried looking for the staircase that would lead me to the salon on the first floor, confused as I was, I asked the guard there – he pointed towards his left and then said, theres one a little ahead. At that time I was standing outside the other basement branch, all i read on the board was H&S, Familiar eh? I stepped in. Asked for Shanti at the desk and they said, “she’s at the Gurgaon branch”, I asked when she was expected back, they said, “we don’t know”. Okay. “This is ‘Hair and Shanti’ right?” I confirmed. “Yes Ma’am” she enthusiastically replied in a tone which made me foolish, for walking in and confirming questions later. “Why don’t you sit, Harry is here, he could cut your hair” she suggested, “What? Harry and Shanti are back together” I shockingly asked, yet another question! “Yes Ma’am” now she was pretty sure I was having a slow moment. Uncertain as I was “Is he good”? “Yes Yes Ma’am, he is very good” the other lady replied. In the past I had my bestest friend Sana tell me, ” I really want to go to Harry for my hari cut” she’d heard all praises about him. I thought of what she’d said and sat myself down. Sat while they sprayed my hair soaking wet and combed it, Harry came I told him what I wanted, not too much on the crown as I have thick hair which I need to ensure settles decently enough on its own as I get tired of setting it post every hairwash. “Leave it up to me” he smiled and said. I was reassured by then – “He knows what he’s going to come up with”. My hair was divided by a middle part and Snip Snip. He seemed to be doing a good job with the scissors and I was relieved. “Subtle bangs, would be nice to, please” I voiced and I got those too.
He explained his assistant to blow dry my hair in a certain way – “straighten the bangs and curl inside.” The assistant sweetly decided to chat with me, “where are you from”, “do you work” (I was so thrilled when she asked me that, for the first time someone asked me correct question, rather than asking where I studied”), “you’ve come here for the first time? I haven’t seen you before”. I replied “I have a few times, but the previously I went your branch on the first floor.” “No No Ma’am you’re mistaken, this is Harry parlour and we’ve just moved in here. That one is Shanti’s” she said.
I paid up, tipped and walked out feeling cheated. By the time I reached home, I was furious. How could this happen to me? I didn’t have the nerve to tell anyone about it. I was lost enough to get fooled at noon! Really?
The last time I felt miserable about my hair do was, as a kid I remember going to Taj Palace Hotel for my hair cuts, it was fancy and something a kid would enjoy and bring back a huge box of my favorite chocolate pastries. But was I scared there on, I was given this horrendice hair do and up in a Sanawar, I had no option by to wait for the hair to grow out and get something more human like. Here, it’s a hairstyle I’ve had before but didn’t want, it’s heavy on the crown and makes me feel like a Lhasa apso.


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