Peek – a – Boo!

I haven’t kept up to my word of posting regularly – yet again! I do come to wordpress and somehow find myself distracted by tumblr and post/re-post more there. Pictorialism has always been the order of the day for me. I’ve never been a reader. I remember realizing very early, if I wasn’t getting sleep till late at night, all I needed to do was open any book and start reading, that very instant, I would fall into theta state and wake up the next morning, feeling like book wormed 😀
I’ve been dealing with a whole lot over the fortnight, short of sounding like a depressing, I’ve been feeling low, terrible, slug, totally drained out of energy to do anything constructive or creative to which again I blame not having slept at all through out. I wake up, ready to fall asleep all over again. Of course, there are positives in negatives like this, I’ve become a makeup pro, I am ready in no time, concealing my sleep starved eyes.
If anyone has a cure to sleeping well, please write to me. Will be more than happy to experiment and build on more hours of sleep.


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