Uncanny how it passed me by…

“Nothing is a co-incidence” – I was once told by someone very dear. And I never quite understood how that was possible. Of, course we use the phrase “oh my! what a co-incidence” pretty freely and frequently. I often go back on the quote though, as the incidences go by.. it only proves itself time and again, but well… if it isn’t a coincidence… is it a warning or an indication?
Reflecting on this posts’ title, the uncanny story I have to narrate is

I woke up on Thursday morning with ‘Tokyo Drift by the Teriyaki Boys’ playing in my head. I hadn’t heard that song but it just playing in my head. As soon as I reached work I streamed it and played it through the day. Yes, I am the kind who can obsess a song over a repeat through the day… days…. week or two and then trash it out of my system totally and then it comes up one fine day and I need to re-download. Habits are strange and such is this one, of mine.
Anyway, so I had friends at work come and sit around and share the same thought at me, “OMG! I’m hearing this song after ages…”
The next day I reached work and the obsession hadn’t left my head I played it again, so much so.. that I updated my facebook status to Vivani Khurana: ‘ wonder’s if you know how they live in Tokyo. ‘ *( for those who haven’t heard this song – the song begins with this line). About 10 mins later, the friend of mine who sat next to me the previous evening listening to the number sent me the twitter link about the Tsunami that struck Japan.
I was horrified. Any other song could have played in my head… it could have been any other time… the thought was unsettling and still is.
I sent an immediate prayer for those the victims of the disaster that struck the country, to the people who lost their loved ones, their homes, to those those who saw it happen in front of their eyes and just about saved themselves – for them to overcome to trauma. I’d like to plea to everyone reading this to send a prayer and reach out to Japan at a time like this. It’s our responsibility… as human beings to do so. I truly believe in alternate therapy making a strong and everlasting difference and know it could help this time too.
Thank you for reading, please reach out immediately.


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