Just a couple of days ago, I was in a conversation with a friend of mine and we spoke of life, knowing better, coincidences etc… And I mentioned to her, the observation I had made recently – of finding my answers through TV shows, say for instance through scenario, perhaps not as dramatic, but similar.
Its crazy actually, how you actually look that deep into a movie, song lyrics, shows or even an interview to know better.

Another something I learned from this was, never hold an issue that deep where all you see is that problem. Perhaps it does affect you that much, that you don’t see beyond. “My Life My Rules” – is what an aunt of mine partially tweeted this morning. It so happens to be the perfect one I was looking for after the thought intensive Sunday I had. Just a little before, a friend of mine walked into work and made me read this page in the April 2011 issue of Marie Claire US – ‘The New Couple Rules’
#1. Put yourself FIRST
#3. GO to bed angry – What? yea! Exactly. I read it again and then wrote it here. In fact, I first read it as Do not go to bed angry, maybe that was something I was wanting to read because I have been sleeping with a temper. Over analyzing and expecting are to blame. Apparently research proves – that people often solve ongoing problems during REM (Rapid Eye Movement sleep) which is when the brain reshuffles memories, combining old associations and new ideas to come up with solutions. Bravo!! Leading to “Sleep over it”

No wonder, I made certain decisions in my head yesterday and re-conversed to myself last night, after watching a few episodes of Entourage season2 and by the morning, I felt like an utter dramatic ass. On a regular, I would have blamed it on PMS (as the guys do, past, present and post is what I add to their comment) but wow.
I am finding answers. Which is a good thing.. eh?


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