In the pink

Ladies usually have a fear of falling…
Falling in love
Falling for the wrong guy
Falling in public
Falling short off
Falling for a joke

Let’s say thats in chronological order, if not, I’d be curious to know how you would list the fears of falls. Just having feared this entire list, I find myself blushing about it too. I’d thought of writing in the pink many a times, while I remained in the pink. Without cling wrapping my emotions here… I’d confess – I go through mood swings and terrible ones to top it. Before I could even log in and collect jot some letters down. BOOM. I felt different. Tracing it back to a few days and feeling rather – confident and good, I ran to my mac and logged in. I am finally seeing PINK, feeling PINK, living PINK and loving the hue!
For those who haven’t understood me… I’m talking of being in love. Yes! It’s a feeling we all look forward to and hold back towards. The fear of being heart broken perhaps what keeps me from even wanting to admit or confide in. Whether it’s recalling instances from the past, stories about how they started of and how things ended. I often feel torn with schools of thought, weather to learn from others’ experiences or swim through my own set.
Every girl dreams from when she learns the concept of “love” from little dramatic television soaps to hollywood and there on… the clichéd dates, clichéd dinners, clichéd movies and gifts galore.

What if the clichéd doesn’t happen?

It is still love. If you feel the adrenalin rush flow through yourself when you meet that special someone, for whom you took hour trotting back and forth to the mirror to see if the shoe was perfect, knowing he pays attention to shoes. You’d perhaps look harder at your perfumes trying to recall, which ones he compliments. You’d run helter skelter altering plans, perhaps taking a couple of hours from work just to spend say – half an hour with him. It is all worth it. Especially if you don’t doubt any bit of it.
A random call from him in the middle of the day “V will you to buy me a Ferrari?” or numerous calls from him even though he knows you’re croaking due to a summer cold – it is enough to get the hint.

Write in the pink, I say… it’s worth every bit of it. Would go on and on writing but I have my blackberry contact to pester with the goodnights!

xo xo


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