No Strings Attached

From the trailer to the time I found it’s torrent link, I was itching to watch the movie – No Strings Attached – Starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman… Both of whom, I’m quite a fan.
It was one of those things in my lingering list. Even when it released in the city, something or the other kept me away from watching it. Anyhow, this evening, when I finally sat down to watch it, it seems clichéd to me. I wasn’t sure if I expected a lot from their performances, especially after watching the Black Swan or knowing Ashton Kutcher is now replacing Charlier Sheen in two and a half men. Their performance, character sketch seemed alright, so did the script and the styling for that matter.
A friend of mine called just a little before the credits began rolling. It dawned on me as soon as I hung up, it was pretty much reality. There was a similar scenario a year ago, from which I learnt quite some lessons. Many of which I share every now and then in my posts or tweets.

Off to catch some sleep.


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