Social or Stalked?

Touch up > Smile > Pose > Click > post as profile picture on facebook.

Familiar isn’t it?
Kido’s sitting endlessly for hours, trying to get the perfect picture in order to receive the “compliment-ary” boost. Grow a little older and you have people being introduced and the next minute you are their mutual friend. Such is the power of social networking which leads us to the powerful stalking.
Relationships have seen a drift with their relationship status update or then pictures! ahem, with the suspect in or sly(ghtly) in the frame. To be very honest, it’s as open as this, you need to go through someone’s history, see their page, pictures to get answers. We’ve all done it, and it’s helped.

I remember, when I was getting to know an acquaintance better, I actually sat through, screening facebook. It did make it a lot easier for me to know better, not make faux pas in conversation or putting my foot in the mouth by mentioning controversial people and to stick to talking about mutual friends.
After the meeting, I must tell you… I felt like one hell of a stalker.

I have a friend of mine, who is not on facebook and for the life of me, couldn’t understand why he wasn’t keen on being there either. Well, so much for asking – Why not. I was given to realize, it was because he was trying to win a bet on not being on any social network, the Ferrari to be the price. In fact, after much convincing etc he told me, he often takes a sneak peep through his brother’s account. O wow! there it went. All the respect of someone being aloof.

We’re all glued. I’ve been active on twitter since April 2009. My last tweet amounted to 3,993. I still recall one of my first ones saying something like: “omg, what am i going to do here, there are only 140 characters allowed” There, I went on day-after-day, using it as a platform to vent, grieve, bitch, gossip, pass on information, receive news etc.

On my blackberry I have: WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, SMS, Contacts as my ‘Fast Five’. I recently had my Mum tell me early in the morning, how when I woke up she saw a limb popping out of me.. called the BB.


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