Leafy treats

I love salads.

The last two days I’ve concocted different salad by putting together two-three vegetables. I’ve known of many people raising an eyebrow when I used to tell them, “I can make salad.” As though it was the easier thing to make, chop and plate > maybe eat! I would call that a bowl of vegetables or simply so… roughage.

Salads, has always been something I’ve enjoy eating as a matter of fact, right from childhood. The one thing, that I could never get bored of and yet something not all households consider an important part of the meal. In my family it certainly was. As early a memory of being a salad-freak can be traced to me, at age 5 when an aunt invited my mum and me for lunch to her home. It was to be a pasta and meatball meal, little did i know, I went and waited for more food to come on the table. A one-dish meal, did not qualify as a meal, to me. Mum, tells me it was one of her most embarrassing moments, as I asked where the salad and curd was and why one dish was made when we were formally invited and how I compared the meal we ate at our home.
Phew! being a non-foodie now, I remember that incident and wonder, how I could have ever been so hot on food! Or grin at myself, knowing one day.. I’d be a perfect menu-planner (genetically or habitually)

So much for my grand-mum telling me to force myself into the kitchen and see what’s cooking, how to run a kitchen by the rations, masalas, veges, etc.. Since i’ve learnt those basics (subtly) perhaps I can start cooking/making the things I’m fond of… Salads for now, Pasta’s I am confident with. Thereon… will come the Indian cooking, daals, sabzee’s etc…

Hope to share the recipes shorty then.



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