“I don’t understand the need for drastic to take place for realization to set it.” is what I twittered two minutes ago.

Just completed Arthur, the rather awaited Russell Brand movie and like most other’s the ‘bad guy’ gets sense as soon as he looses someone who means the world to him.
Lately, I realized some of my emotions, similarly. Now, it was pointed out to me by two people who claim to know me rather well and I wouldn’t veto. Trying to understand scenarios and situations better, I’m working on introspection. Thought I’d start with detox. The one process, which keeps you away from any more trouble *to be rest assured! Keeping humor aside, I’m going to try this out tomorrow onwards, without a timer monitoring my progress, I will promise not to cheat through this and see how well it goes for me. No unnecessary conversations, sensible talk, no bickering, no backbiting, I will allow people their space and not fluster them with issues of mine, I’ll make a conscious effort to stop obesessive-complusively checking my phone and know that i can trust technology and my phone to beep when I have a notification to pay attention too, bite as much as I can chew, be – where I am needed the most… are a part of my detox program (the things perhaps I consider toxins?).

I think you’d have read previously in one of my earlier posts, I get my answers and inspiration from the shows and movies. People who hear me say that, find it funny how I am lucky enough to do so… (sarcasm garnished) but as lucky as am. It comes ‘right there’ in the clearest way possible. For now, it was a movie as comical as Arthur, which makes me want to improvise on the way I handle myself and my relations with the people I associate with… I need to make it right.


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