Flower Power

When a whole lot of responsibility settles itself on your platter,
There are strange ways you end up venting in.
Surely, it wasn’t the most comforting time of the month for me,
I had my mood-swings on a full-swing.

My dearest friends had to bear with this, as they do, monthly.
My boyfriend being on his wits end with why I was so unhappy,
Has his own way of handling the scenario…
While I whined away “my life is in shambles”
“I am being weird and it’s bothering me”
Yes! I am called the dramatic ‘little one’
And make it a point to put them through it 😀
Little joys of life I tell you… when someone is there to listen!

Sitting by my blackberry, waiting for it to beep, on the evening plan…
I ended up calling him, his friends nicely planned out an evening for me,
“He’s on his way to pick you up, you chill with us”
I had a unexpectedly hilarious evening ahead of me,
Of which I remained unaware…

I answered a call, which said in a soft note, “Come to the gate”
The 16-love-spark inside me sprung out…
I blush as I walked and met his eyes through the wrought iron carvings.
As I stepped out, I first noticed, us being colour coordinated
Blue and red seems to be the order of the day.
He handed me a white rose, to imply – Peace!
There on a bunch of the most gorgeous purple Oriental Lilies.

O boy! I was woo’ed.
I love flowers, while they grow in a manicured lawn,
Between wild bushes,
In their natural habitat.
And think it utter pointlessness to be in a vase in a corner.

It’s only when he spoke the message behind the flowers,
of the lilies being purple…
I understood, how the flower power could sweep me of my feet.
I woke up to the sight and scent of the the bunch in my room.
What a pretty morning it was.
I felt ‘my grumps’ gone…

Flower power
and the power of love.



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