Spirit shopping

I’m hosting my birthday drinks another 50 hours. Today I went to buy alcohol. I vowed to myself it was the first and last time, I went to those wine & beer shops asking for crates of a certain something. The looks one gets – not worth it. Certainly not!
Not being a regular drinker, i was apprehensive… with labels, setting up, quantities. I did my homework. Sat making endless lists. This evening, i went spirit shopping…
I wished as I walked through that deserted market, my friends been a little more enthusiastic and protective of me not stepping into such a moment. No, it wasn’t a big deal. I did it and gained confidence doing so. But.. No. When I have friends who usually take the initiative to pre-plan and work out the best possible for themselves or casual weekend gatherings.. i din’t see why I had to work myself up.


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