Do re me one evening

As I sat with Rukhsana, my younger cousin in her room this evening. I began singing to her. Terrible lyrics, awful tune and self-composed song it happen to be. A knock by Jai, my 21 year old cousin, who came in to check which one of us crocked through the doors of the house.
Rukhsana and I gained more encouragement as Brother John left. (well I love calling him that, he’s had his moral lectures in place – all the time, o! well at least with us! *laughs) We song the Sanawarian assembly book. Hymns we sang in boarding, every day of being there. We knew their numbers by heart. It summed up for an incredible day. The two of us, singing in her room. With Jasper and Jacob as audience. They felt even more entertained as Ruxi began strumming her guitar (she’s good with trying to portray she can play).


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