Age for colour

The hysteria for a certain coloured bag, is fading as I saw my orange bag fray! How much I obsessed it, the time I lacked a close-to-orange hue in my wardrobe. “Umm, I’m looking for a ‘tandoori’ orange! you know… if you place an orange peal and see it roast, or almost burn, yeah! that colour. NO! not tangerine.” I was so precise. My Aunt, picked just the perfect one up from Malaysia, while she holidayed there for a week. It was a dream as to-how it was the apt one.
Recently I was gifted a turquoise messenger bag, the leather is smooth and genuine and never worn! A lime green tote awaits my hold too…
But the reckoning questions being-
Was I too old to be holding colourful bags? Is age really a colour sober-er? I went sourcing for my page to Citywalk yesterday and despite the sale, the heaps, the lefts overs, I had the tans, blacks and browns carry-alls catch my eye. Oops! Seriously? Was it the dessert colours I was getting tempted towards. Twenty four, 10 days ago and boom! I was conservative with my colours and choice.


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