Bound by ties

The last fortnight has been a nightmare! Just when I thought things were smooth and life’s not that hard, I got a kick – to buck up.
I haven’t known the difference between day and night ever since then. I’ve been thinking my next days dos – to sleep, literally slept reading tweets on my phone to be a little in sync with the world and its happenings and woken up tired and exhausted. Coffees have doubled, I haven’t even kept track of how many boiling lemon teas I’ve actually sipped, cold. Been stressing my best friend and beau out with my depressing talks and heartless emotions. Haven’t been in touch with my closest friends on grounds of being busy. Crazy!
Only to know I was working over a long weekend, that I’d been looking forward to, broke my heart. I was so emotional on knowing that nothing, NOTHING was going in my support. I’d been shaken up with something or the other every hour. Forgotten to eat two lunches in a week and there on there forth.

As you would questions. I do too… At what cost? Was it being noted? Was I being rewards for high stress levels or was I being appraised on grounds of working hard?
Yes, it was a good learning lesson. But what lesson what I learning? When time comes, everyone does what they need to. It’s human tendency to fend for themselves. Well, not only human tendency. Even plants and animals know how to stand the storm. Why the hue and cry, then?

“Life is tough”
“Shit happens”
“It’s a phase, it shall pass”
“Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life”

True as the quote unquotes, above is. It’s uncalled for. I am not used to bitting more than I can chew. I am known to take small helpings. And perhaps, this is why.


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