Awaiting a message

There it was for me, an answer to no question.
I was anxious and didn’t know why. Sat at home all morning, since the country was shut! Yes, it was India’s Independence Day. And the sky was flooded with clouds after a downpour. I had planned to spend time with a special someone and was waiting for a plan to be made, that didn’t happen – I was restless. I felt like a dog sniffing around for a little something. I saw my cousin, sitting on her bed with a deck of card!

“Please may I, after you’re through?” I asked in hope. She was gathering the deck together at that time. It was a deck of Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Cards. It was as though, they were waiting for me. I sat there and asked Ruxi to do a reading for me. There wasn’t a particular question that was bothering me but I guess at any given time most of us have unanswered questions about live or happenings. We got so involved, we pulled out the other deck too and asked the angels for another message. It was perfect and so right for the moment.

Ruxi, Sanam and I sprang up to go to full circle and buy ourselves a deck each, we were so energized post our readings. It was amazing how uplifted our little emotions were at that point. Beautiful messages from the divine, it was.
I plan on doing a reading everyday this is the link I found online for a quick message. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find Doreen Virtue’s card spread, subscribed to the daily newsletter nevertheless.

If anyone reading this, has been able to find an app, esp a BlackBerry card-for-the-day. Please direct me to it.

Have a blessed day and get your answers!



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