The devil prefers her attitude.

Devil wears Prada, one of my favorite movies. I sat down to watch it, after 2 years perhaps. Well, it reminded me of ME. Torn between career and passion… The careerist in me, drives me to exploring other options where I’d see the horizons of the day and meet my dreams. However, my happiness lies in creativity… that’s my drug. It keeps my spirits lifted and my chin held high. Crazy as this might sound to you, I found myself in those shoes a couple of days ago. where I had myself crib to family and friends saying my job isn’t paying me my due and that I was killing myself over something I wasn’t assured in either.
“People would kill for this job” these words were repeatedly mentioned in the movie and yeah, over the duration, I’ve heard them come to me several times too. A sign? I’ll take a deep breath and take it as one for now. I count my blessings and have gratitude for the comforts I live.

You always have a choice.
Know it, to know better.



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