Quarter life crisis

Everyone in this day and age, juggles this question around with their dentist. “Would I need braces?” Let’s face it, when the milk teeth are gone, the permanent one’s take their own course… The tooth fairy pampered me plenty. If only I wished for no dental agony.

As per my answer to the question, “No, her jaw is yet to fill up, she does not require braces.” I would sigh to that and was only to happy to save myself the trauma. “What you resist, persists” truly came to being. The other day I went to a new dentist for a regular check up and he suggested I get braces for 16-18 months to fix the damage! The teeth on my lower jaw happen to bite into my upper jaw teeth, leading to a protrusion. Wow! So there are my fears of being socially dim, 24 and looking like a high school kid or even better, I work for a magazine – I would play the next ugly Betty!

I try refraining from the drama and cringe by blessing my to-be braces to serve their purpose at the highest and optimum level. Amen.



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