Blogging guidelines

I actually went to google search ‘blogging guidelines’ to see the advise given. I’ve pretty much followed all the point, as a blogger. Yet, I don’t find myself being followed by millions. 

All the remotely possible reasons for my loss:

I’m not critical – do people really look for the minus’ more than the cons? For instance, on tumblr, where I usually reblog and explain why… why would I reblog, if I don’t like it. Anything dislikes, will naturally not be on my blog, right?

Ads – I made my piece with that, when I am more regular, there would be more awareness = popular karmicpatterns = popular me, blogger me!

Pictures – when I am a little more serious about saving my moolah and getting myself a dslr, it’ll happen. I’ve always wanted to get into pictorial fashion blogging. Where like people read handwritings, I would read people’s style of dressing to understand them.

No language is blogging language. Everyone speaks their mind, views and opinions. It’s a virtually creative world, one creates. If you’re on it like a leech, you’re bang on! You found your calling, but then again, you’re glued to your screen and you’ve got to pressing the ‘update’ button constantly.

You must be abreast, quick on the uptake, make the most of the situation and network like crazy (which is another point I’m a nogooder at. I cannot for the life of me, make forced conversation). When you go through the famous blogs like, you ought to get your motivation boost from them. They would inspire you to take the heap and assure you, it’s worth it.


Likewise, motivate me to post regularly, perhaps from once a month to once a week…which immediately would raise the stats to 4 times a week and boom! You’d be recommending me to friends, linking my posts to people who you think would comply to my thoughts and words, there on you would link me via your twitter as #mustread #blogoftheday or perhaps update your facebook status to “Hey all, you got to check out” which would increase the clicks on my page and the likes and comments on your facebook status. Now Now, that’s the power and key to blogging. Word of mouth. The more you write, the more you appear in the ‘recently pressed’ on wordpress. Once you link your blog to your social network site, you publish, people view.


A note to first time bloggers:

Like there are plenty fish swimming aimlessly, there are those many bloggers just posting. Do so, till you know what you would love to blog about. I fish first has it’s fun swimming to find it’s way around. When it finally finds it’s direction, it knows exactly where it’s heading!




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