Sniffle Sniff Sniff

I always knew I had nose tendencies. Since I was little, I would climb on to dressing tables in the house, to get a whiff of the fragrance that was lingering in the house since the morning. At an early age I was explained the three notes by my mother who till date is very picky about the fragrances she uses. That trait is well justified, coming from a family where every member loves perfumes.

My current favourite happens to be Body by Burberry and Stella by Stella McCartney. The one I sprayed this morning was Burberry London by Burberry which was gifted to me by Sana, one of my closest friends. The fragrence took me a while to adapt too, the middle note being stronger the top and base note. It’s ideal for the winter when you need the scent to linger and rest itself within the thick knits. The others on my dresser are Valentino by Valentino which again has a very over-powering top note. Nina by Nina Ricci a mild romantic perfume I save for my morning dates. Luckily I am down to my last few sprays of Premier Jour by Nina Ricci, which was my summer evening favourite and 212 by Carolina Herrera, an old one that never seemed to finish all thanks to it’s dual bottling.

I work at a fashion magazine and cannot wait to work on a perfume story soon. As I sit at work and flip though our latest international issues, I find myself stopping at every Perfume Ad, tearing the corner to get a whiff of the new! Aaaah, the base note that remains mixed with the glue is what I then judge and add to my sniff-list. I was shown this page on perfumes, shot from an angular top-view, the names of the etching on the bottle was far from recognizable. I decided to take that as a challenge and to my first guess on google (for the brand name+perfume – images) I WAS CORRECT. Sigh! The confidence I felt was worth a million bucks! Everyone startled at how I could actually manage that – I surprised myself too.

I am quite keen to start my blog on perfume. Perhaps perfume reviews. What do you think?

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