Eat, Pray, L…earn

Dear All,


Hope you had a great January. It was freezing this inch of the latitude and longitude. But the sun is getting stronger by the day now and so I declare happy days. I’ve been meaning to post here for a while but everytime I start – I am usually distracted by; a coffee that I sits next to me waiting to be sipped, a bbm that needs to be attended to immediately or simply by an idea that demands instant attention. This is 2012 and we expect no free time. 

February, the month of Love. I had the L word pour out of earns through January. You know how working for a magazine can be, especially when there’s a special/theme! It has to thinking and overthinking. I started early on the florals. I started in December, when I couldn’t decide on a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. A semi-embre purple tie just wasn’t sealing the deal and I wanted to personalize another something.

I thought of a blog. yes! it’s a personal tumblr blog that I decided on. Of course, I kept the password a secret and made it a sentence long so I could post enough by the time he figure what it must be. It worked pretty well. Good response and views *luckily! And yes, I post daily.

Sharing this idea, I’d like to leave you to ponder on a quick question, what is the most romantic gesture/gift/idea/thing you’ve ever done for someone you love? The most romantic thing done for you… How did it make you feel? Yes! Exactly. Make that effort maybe you know how to express and give more than appreciate and thank.





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