There we sat making plans, 

building dreams,

taking care of little details.

We sat there imagining till infinity,

spoke the ‘we’ languge

ensure we were on the same page.


Now we start topics and change them,

not wanting to jinx the future.

We sit opposite each other,

blushing, smiling, making faces,

to see each other laugh till we cry.

We gaze into one another,

and touch wood.

Would you qualify this as 

the four letter word


Would it be eternal?

Would it last forever?

Would the promises be kept?

Would it involve a risk?

Would the risk be worth it?


Would it be real someday,

I still wonder,

don’t doubt it is what he says.

I stand at the cross road 

weighing the love and time of day

recalling the dreams

negotiating it with reality.

I ask myself these questions

and answer them

Was this the feeling I feared all along?

The feeling of being in Love? 

Knowing it’s lethal

Knowing it could hurt?

Am I over thinking?

but shouldn’t I think enough to be sure, now?


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