Hey there,

I am very socially-networked. Yes, I enjoy it. I’ve created my virtual comfort zone, where I get motivation to create to inspire people.

Having first set foot on facebook I added and accepted friends, friends of friends, family, extended family, friends of family and it goes on. “The more the merrier” seemed to be the order of the day. The most active on twitter . Apart from it playing the role of a convenient newspaper for me, where I selective read, I constantly update the latest information I get from the web. I use it more to promote people, products, designers and their latest collections – that I am inspired by and my fashion ideas.

Taking about my fashion interests I create looks on polyvore . It’s like creating a portfolio for me. I never went to fashion school, at that point I thought I needed to be more serious and bba to an mba was quite a fad. Not talking to many years ago actually, but it’s true. “You come to where you belong, eventually” – I firmly believe. I enjoy the runway, for which F tv becomes my most viewed channel, for… I take a glimpse on the trends on the ramp and plus enjoy the music playing. I work for a fashion & lifestyle magazine, where when I get lucky, I get to dip my hands in to fashion research and styling. It’s a zone where there’s maximum pressure at any given time of the month, so I take my bite of it when I knew I can chew it and digest it well. Personally, I don’t think I could have someone restrict me with their limitations on shoots and styling. Yes, I do see the change but then again, that isn’t me. My fashion sensibilities are very personalized. They’re conservative in colour and style. 

I run two blogs, I gathered that tech-inspiration from the IT firm I worked with previously. I understood wordpress was a literal. Therefore, (my wordpress blog) www.karmicpatterns.wordpress.com – the name, came from the spiritual me. I learnt and practice ThetaHealing. I don’t do it as regularly as I should because I see a lot. Having said that, I invariably send my distressed friends a lot of healing. It’s become my “omg” sort of reaction to life. So, perhaps I do it more often than I know. Coming back to me being a blogger, I love pictorial blogs. I enjoy seeing peoples ideas, understanding their mind etc… and came along (my tumblr blog) www.thepurplepalette.tumblr.com. Where I share ad campaigns, quotes and reblog – which I believe is a fantastic way of showing appreciation. I’ve created virtual mood-boards of my interests on Pintrest

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