Early bird and the worm

Today, I can proudly rephrase the quote – “The early bird catches the worm” to the smart bird catches the worm. In today’s day and age, nothing absolutely nothing starts as per schedule.

I woke up art 6:00 am today after closing The September Issue for Marie Claire India last night. Yeah! Now with that disturbed sleep cycle I’ve been in for the past week… I surfaced the day to a cuppa tea. I didn’t want to laze around and waste the day and decided on completely the household chores. One by one completed the indoor ones and by 10:00 am I stepped out. I’ve seen it for myself today, no shops were open in the busiest market of Delhi, Lajpat Nagar (and mind you, by the time I reached there after completing my first errand, it was already 11:05 am)

Truly an eye opener! I’m sure if you’re from Delhi and are reading this post and haven’t been to the market in a while are equally stunned as I was.


On that thought, I’ll say goodnight and pray for a well-rested-sleep!




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