Work woes

Just as I sat having a BBM chitter chatter with a friend and heard out her work plans, switching jobs etc and counseled her on the topic (goes without saying, I love adding my two bits and feeling like the positive force in the background). She asked me how long I’ve been at my job and desk. 2.5 years at the same designation I replied in shock and almost shed a tear as I typed. 

Was I serious? Like, seriously… was I serious? I felt stupid typing beyond. 

Till you nail the issue yourself you never get down to narrowing it down. Before that I was telling how courageous it was on her part to move jobs and take the leap. If she knew she could achieve more, then why not, right?

She asked me why I didn’t move, my answer was: “I am too comfortable. To comfortable to change, to adapt and adjust and perhaps to learn a from b.” 

As I type and rethink this over, I truly have nothing to add.


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