Getting inked

An intense passion drives people to have their obsession inked. I mean, you got to love something that much to sit through the pain of having it etched on your skin and then hold on to it for the rest of your life.

Well, not really. Tattoos are apparently quite the trend. As some learn from their own experiences and the other’s give into anothers pain. This trend plays such, where via a mode of motivation… people look for inspirations to have inked. Rather, because they “want a tattoo” ask around… “What should I have done?”

Seriously? Omg! I was astonished when I was asked that question. I “ermm, I don’t know… do you really not know what you want to sit through the pain and lifelong mark for?”

Given I get bored of things really soon and am very very like really very picky about things around. I asked myself that question… No, not what I would have done, if I were to get tattoo’ed but, what was I really passionate about to have inked.


Things I love are: apart from Family, friends, my boyfriend, my gadgets…

Tv shows, drama, movies, “xoxo”, peonies, birds of paradise, lion cubs, tea cup pigs, fish, piggies

I am passionate about:

doodling, fashion, table settings, makeup, DIY-ing in my spare time


So really, what would I have inked, if I were bold and boring enough to really sit and get a tattoo and then again – where?


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