Wardrobe alternations.

While I hear the cars honk their way through the traffic my morning dream fades to wake me up for the day – I envision myself opening my wardrobe. “I have nothing to wear … to match my mood!” Yes, I’ve been able to reason out “that exclamation.”

Working in a magazine and having the “passion for fashion” (as Ftv says it) I stay tuned to the trends on the international and Indian runways, season after another. I wouldn’t really say I keep alter my wardrobe every six months. I pay attention to details. Being a finicky person who wants to look like no one else, I’m the sort who would rather not wear a monogram tote ensuring its not like the one the aunt with a 4 carat ring is also walking carrying around. If you know what I mean? I aint no social snob. But I rather not flaunt my labels. I go with the trend as say the hairdo that Cavalli had for his show, one that compliments a particular look. You would usually see the colour of the season on my nails first, I love nail lacquer. Yes, I experiment and explore the runway in different aspects and I enjoy it.

Fashion isn’t about brands, designer labels and spending all your earnings. It’s no fuss. It’s no pain. The minute its easy – it is fashion. It should make you comfortable in your own skin. You’ve probably read that one line in most celeb interviews… “As long as you are confident, you are fashionable.” I’d the words use, perhaps rephrase and rewrite the sentence, a little – Be adventurous, not bizarre. There is a thin line between the two, if you’ve understood it, you’ve got my point.

Welcome Spring Summer 2013




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