A thin like in the link

Just the other day I found myself in the midst of a social media conversation, where people stated their opinions on twitter.

What’s twitter? 

A social platform, where there are open profiles and you have a choice of following people with similar interests to yours. Noted: you have a choice.

Why have a conversation on twitter?

Well, for newbies on a network it’s exciting, it’s a way of getting familiar with the tool.

Or, there’s a possibility of one approaching somebody based on a tweet. Easier to break the ice on a public platform. 

Why is their a constant need to update?

Boredom, plays a vital role in feeling the need to broadcast, something or anything and even everything. Again taken back to the psychology class where were were told of introverts and extroverts some are e-verts (well, that’s a made-up term, yes! by me) who choose to be e-social and perhaps not as social on plannet earth. 


These were the answers I could think of for those questions that were asked. What’s your take?


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